Tbilisoba – Autumn Festival

Tbilisoba was first celebrated on October 28, 1979. Since then it has become the tradition in our capital.

On this very day, Tbilisi City hosts not only Tbilisi residents but also people from other regions of Georgia. They present their autumn harvests, such as grapes, wine, chacha, honey, Churchkhela, nuts, corns, pumpkins, and much more. That’s why the second name for Tbilisoba is the “Autumn Festival”.

People also prepare the traditional food in the streets, so, the tourists, local residents can enjoy Mtsvadi, Khinkali, Khachapuri, etc mostly, prepared by the locals.

As usual, Tbilisoba events are held during the entire day, in historical parts of Georgia, such as Metekhi Bridge, Meidani Square, Rike Park, etc.  

Apart from the diverse and beautiful events, you can attend the Mini Wine Festival and make wine in the morning. This event is usually held at Meidani Square.

If I am in Tbilisi, I never miss this Festival and wander around the Old City.  Some people ‘might say that it is a little bit chaotic, but it’s a still very interesting event, especially for foreign visitors.

Here are my photos from Tbilisoba – 2016. 



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