Fish Market in Batumi – a place to visit

Batumi Fish Market

Fish Market – a place to visit, If you’re having a holiday in Batumi. It is located in the seaside town of Georgia, not very far from the town center.

First, you have to go to Batumi Fish Market and choose the kind and amount of fish you wish. Afterward, you give the fish to the cleaner woman, who will clean the fish for you, and then you’re heading to the open eatery, right at the wall of the fish market, and wait in a quite long line for fish to prepare.

If you are lucky enough, your fish dish will be ready in about 40-60 minutes.  But it was busy Summertime and we were not that lucky and waited for a long time, meanwhile discussing some political issues with the waiter.

Unfortunately, only one type of dish is cooked there –  fresh fish roasted in cornflour and vegetable oil. The dish is served with sliced lemon, Georgian sour plum sauce, and various drinks. You may also find Georgian cucumber – tomato salad, cornbread, and Georgian variety of cheese there. 

Update: There are now new some new restaurants around, you have also an option to buy fish and cook it at home. 


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