About me

I am Tamar Mirianashvili from Georgia and my Perfect Food Blog is for anyone, who wants to explore Georgian Cuisine; here you can have accurate recipes, find out where to eat or what to eat in Georgia and receive full recommendation and guidance. 

To be more precise, here you will find the authentic recipes from my kitchen, recommendations for places to eat and go;  I’ll also bring the experiments from the cookbook of the famous Georgian author Barbare Jorjadze, and food experiences and stories while traveling in Georgia.   

I’ve been food blogging for 9 years already for the Georgian readers, writing recipes, reviews of cafes, restaurants, including articles for the Georgian and English magazines; however, for the English-speaking readers, there are fewer materials and as a rule, the recipes are not quite precise and accurate. So, I decided to set up the blog and my husband, Konstantine helped me to reach this goal and develop a personal food blog.  

I made my first dish when I was 11 years old. My granny gave me freestyle opportunity and asked me to bring any kind of greens from her orchard and season the beans in a clay pot, as I wished. I did it and I liked it. Since then, I loved to read the cookbooks and experiment in the kitchens of my grandmothers, sometimes in Kakheti, east part of Georgia from my father’s side and sometimes, in Samegrelo, from my mother’s side. 

From time to time, I and Konstantine do food photography for my blog and for clientele as well. 

As for the media presentation, this year, Lauren Collins of New Yorker Magazine interviewed me regarding Barbare Jorjadze, here you can find the full article – The Culinary Muse of the Caucasus.  

I was also invited as a guest photographer to the TV Show Nashuadgevs, Georgian Public Broadcaster. 

Guest food blogger on the TV Show Gurmania aired via Public Broadcaster of Georgia 

As a guest photographer on the radio program “Gender News” of the Radio “Freedom”.  

As a guest photographer on the radio program “Gender News” of the Radio “Freedom”.  

As a guest photographer for the TV show SHUADGE – GDS (TV)