• Prep Time
    5 Min.
  • Cook Time
    15 Min
  • Serving
    3 People
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Mchadi is a kind of pan-fried polenta. It is mostly spread in the western part of Georgia and warmly welcomed throughout the entire country.

One may ask, if maize/corn was introduced in the XVII century, in Georgia, then how come that cornbread is a kind of a traditional serving in Georgia? The question is quite reasonable. We can presume that before that time, Mchadi was made of other grains, like Foxtail millet. People used Foxtail millet to make Ghomi.

The thing is that, maize can be traditional for the country of its origin, and for the rest of the world the method or ingredients; presently, we meet maize in almost every country; people make various dishes from corn, but all of them are exceptionally different from each other by ingredients, preparation method and taste, of course.

Mchadi is highly recommended with cheese, pkhali, various salads, especially with Georgian cucumber/tomato salad.

Traditionally, Mchadi is baked in clay pots, in the oven. They place the leaves on the clay pot or wrap Mchadi in it and then bake it. As a rule, they use the leaves of cherry-laurel, walnuts, alder, and oak.



Step 1

Take a large bowl and mix maize flour and salt in it.

Step 2

Pour warm water in it and knead well.

Step 3

Heat the pan on a medium fire and pour some oil in it.

Step 4

Make small balls, lightly roll it in your hands.

Step 5

Put the maize buns one by one in the pan and fry from both sides for 1 minute.

Step 6

Serve hot.

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