Khachapuri – cheese pie by Barbare Jorjadze

Khachapuri - cheese pie by Barbare Jorjadze
  • Prep Time
    1 hour
  • Cook Time
    15 Mins
  • Serving
    10 People
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Khachapuri or cheese pie by Barbare Jorjadze is not the kind of khachapuri you can try in every Georgian eatery. Recipe N308 in Barbara Jorjadze’s cookbook shows a completely different technique for making khachapuri.

Khachapuri is a very popular dish in Georgia and abroad. Every corner of Georgia can boast a magnificent and unique technique of making khachapuri. There is almost no occasion without khachapuri. To say honestly, I have never seen the one similar to Barbare’s recipe. Thus, it was kind of a challenge for me.
I was doing it for the first time. So, as usual, I started by calculating the ingredients first. As I mentioned in my previous posts, the book is old and the measurements are different than what we use today.

After each step, I became more and more surprised. The process was very interesting. I ended up with a very fluffy, delicate dough, in the spirit of panettone. After I baked it, it was different from the usual dough of Khachapuri. It was more layered-like, slightly crispy pastry.

I should note that Khachapuri – cheese pie by Barbare Jorjadze is not really suitable for beginners; you may need some pastry baking skills at this point. There are no photos in the book, nor the details. Mostly, you have to guess and read between the lines. That’s what I love about her recipes, you never know what’s coming.


I used the eggs from our village, so, the dough is more yellowish; besides, the recipe quoted unusually many eggs.
Barbare Jorjadze’s Khachapuri dough is based on the sourdough starter. It’s been a year since I cultivated a sourdough starter, so I’ve used it successfully. Here is the step-by-step link I used for cultivating it. According to the original recipe, Khachapuri is baked in a wood oven or fireplace or Georgian Tone. As for the cheese, I used Imeruli style cheese, but you can successfully use Sulguni as well.



Step 1
Khachapuri - cheese pie by Barbare Jorjadze

First, collect the ingredients: 375 ml ghee (I melted 245 g butter), 680 g flour, 1.5 tbsp sourdough starter, and 7 eggs.

Step 2
Khachapuri - cheese pie by Barbare Jorjadze

Stir the sourdough starter in lukewarm water, add the eggs one by one to it and whisk it well. Then add the melted ghee (melted butter) to the mix, stir it and sift the flour in.

Step 3
Khachapuri - cheese pie by Barbare Jorjadze

Knead the dough well for a couple of minutes, cover it with a cloth, and put it aside. Preheat the oven to 250°C.

Step 4
Khachapuri - cheese pie by Barbare Jorjadze

Shred or mash the cheese and stir one egg in. Divide the dough into four for baking two Khachapuris. Softly roll the one dough-ball, put it softly onto the parchment paper, and spread the mashed cheese on it.

Step 5
Khachapuri - cheese pie by Barbare Jorjadze

Roll another ball and cover the cheese with it. Remember, the dough is very tender, and try not to tear it apart!

Step 6
Khachapuri - Cheese pie by Barbare Jorjadze

When you cover it, start twisting the edges to keep the cheese from falling out.

Step 7
Khachapuri - cheese pie by Barbare Jorjadze

Put the tray in the oven and bake it for 15 minutes. After baking, take it out and you can butter it up.

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