How to make Churchkhela

  • Prep Time
    3 hours
  • Cook Time
    1 hour and 30 minute
  • Serving
    5 People
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The making of Churchkhela is a tradition. It is a circle of a long autumn chain, thus, being a part of such a big picture, it is not easy to make, but I shall try to go short. 

It is very similar to the Greek Moustalevria, made of grape must mixed with flour and boiled until thick. 

Steps are elementary, we only need grape must and flour. When boiled, it takes pudding style texture, and we call it here Tatara. So, the process of making Churchkhela is called Tataraoba

Before Tataraoba, cleaned walnuts are being threaded on a thick thread. You can also use nuts, almonds, etc. 

Definitely, any type of natural grape juice will work, which you can buy in the nearest store. The method is the same. 

Churchkhelas are usually made in autumn when there are fresh grapes and walnuts and we keep them for Christmas and New Year. 

Later on, I shall write a blogpost about Churchkhela more thoroughly.

Now, let’s move onwards to pictures and steps.  



Step 1

Needle walnut halves on the thread.

Step 2

Sift flour in grape juice, mix and stir well (You can use a hand mixer).

Step 3

Put the pot on low heat and stir constantly to avoid clotting.

Step 4

Keep stirring occasionally, grape juice will gradually thicken.

Step 5

Remove the pot off the heat after the level of the grape juice decreases a little (i.e after 25-30 minutes from boiling).

Step 6

Start to dip strings of walnut one by one, you may need to dip it with a spoon.

Step 7

Hang the dipped strings on a stick or a nail, avoid to stick to each other.

Step 8

Leave the strings in a dry and bright place, accessible to sunbeams. When the Churchkhelas are well dried, you can either keep them in a pot, in a dry place, or wrap in a cloth. P.S. natural grape juice (must) does not need sugar, it is extremely sweet naturally. If you use any other type of juice, add sugar to your taste.

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